Podcasts There's one for every practically everything, but here's what I'm listening to at the moment.

I’m a fairly new convert to the world of podcasts. I found myself entering my thirties still listening to the same radio station I had done since I was at school, Radio 1, and I began to hate what I was hearing.

The DJ’s I had grown up with had gradually been replaced by younger and blander TV personalities, music that seemed more like a random collection of noises or identikit TV competition winners, and a greater emphasis on appealing to the ‘yoof’ generation over everybody else.

I had a few options – a) accept this is a stage of life we all go through and start listening to Radio 2 or 5 Live, or b) move on to podcasts.

Without giving it away (I realise it’s a bit bloody obvious given the great, big title that’s sitting on top of this page), I chose the latter and began my adventure into podcasts about 4/5 years ago. I’ve not looked back since. You can, literally, find a podcast on anything you may be interested in. I don’t think it’s actually possible in this day and age to find a group of 3+ people, who get together regularly, who haven’t at least considered starting a podcast. You try and convince yourself that it would almost be rude to deny the podcast listening community the pleasure of your thoughts upon the current comings and goings in the light bulb dimmer switches world, before you eventually come to your senses and realise that this genre has become a bit to mainstream to be considered for your first podcast!

My current Podcasts of choice in the Pocketcasts app.

I started listening to podcasts that matched my interests. This usually meant listening to the podcasts about football, Radio 1 DJ shows(I couldn’t go cold turkey overnight), and films. You find yourself trying loads and loads of podcasts, splintering off into different and unusual areas that tangentially relate to your original interests, before finally settling on the podcasts that become your favourite. The quality of podcasts will vary, ranging from slickly produced studio productions to some that sound like they’ve been recorded on the bus on the way home from work. Favourites come and go and you even find yourself being particularly selective and deciding on the merits of each week’s individual episode via whether you like the guest or what they’re discussing that week.

Podcasts have become a phenomenon. They used to be something that you heard people talking about occasionally and were initially something that people thought made you a part of a cool club. The First Rule of Podcast Club is you don’t talk about Podcast Club! Slowly, they’ve become so popular and omnipresent that I look forward to the day when I announce that this website has moved into the podcast game in order to keep up with societies demands. You’ll be shunned if you can’t produce a good 45 minute show every week for the rest of your life.

Until that future dystopia nightmare becomes reality The Rotation wants to share the podcasts that have become a part of the life. I’ve narrowed the entries to The Rotation List to the podcasts that are downloaded automatically, and genuinely listened to within  24 hours of download.

Let me know if you have any opinions on these podcasts, and I’m always looking for new ideas that will enter The Rotation in the podcast world.