It’s such an easy thing to say….I like films. It’s the perfect go to line when some one asks you what your interests are on a date or in a job interview. It’s innocuous, it’s non-committal, and it means that you don’t have to reveal that you’re secretly harbouring the biggest collection of Wellington Boots in the world! 

People just love films. You have to go pretty far and wide, or be friends with Michael Owen (who revealed he has only seen 8 films ever), to not be able to have a conversation with people about what you have just been to the cinema to see, or what film you last watched on Netflix.

I first really fell in love with films when I was about 7 or 8. Before this age, I watched films in the way that most children do that drive their parents insane…watch one film over and over and over again until the video/DVD catches fire. This is not liking films. This is the sort of unhealthy obsession that we eventually grow out of when you begin to mature or when we begin to notice other people that we’re attracted to. There still remains a section of the internet who seem to conform to this childlike obsession with some film franchises that borders on the creepy, racist, sexist and intolerant edges of society, and boy do they love to tell you about it!

My love of films sprung from a desire to see as many as I possibly could. I had an insatiable appetite to watch comedies, dramas, animated films, sci-fi films…anything that I could get my hands on. I used to try and stay up late to watch films that my parents were watching. I never got to, but it didn’t stop me trying. Trips to the cinema were rare when I was a child. I imagine it was because the cost of going to the cinema when you were living in the outskirts of London were extortionate. I once begged my dad to take me to the cinema all the way on the opposite side of London because I wanted to see Batman Returns in the only cinema still showing it at the time. He didn’t take me and I’m not bitter or anything…I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Now that I can go anytime I want (take that Dad!) I try and get to the cinema on average two or three times a month. There are times when I go to the cinema two or three times a week, if it’s a good week for films. I love repeat watching of films…this won’t be a surprise given the reason for The Rotation…and I’ll happily rewatch a film once it comes out on DVD, Netflix or is shown on the TV. 

So…when I say I love films. I genuinely mean it. I’ll happily talk about films with anybody (yes, even you Michael Owen) and I can’t wait to tell you about the films that are a part of The Rotation. Yes, even after all of the above, I’ll still find myself watching the same films over and over again because they offer me exactly what I love about the cinema. Film offer the most varied part of The Rotation…I don’t think I could ever offer a definitive list of my favourite films…but these are the ones that always remain in consideration, and therefore offer the closest you’ll get to my overall favourites ever.