Who are you?

I’m just your typical film, TV, music, and podcast user whose life revolves around trying to fit these things around work, eating, and sleep. In an ideal world I would be able to manage these competing endeavours into a successful and enjoyable life where I’m not a social recluse with the social skills of a sloth. Until that day, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and use the internet for something beyond reading other people’s opinions and use it to talk about the things I love in my life. I’m not saying my life revolves around these things, but if you ever meet me at a party I’m probably going to bore you to death about the thing I’m currently watching and listening to.


Why do you call this website The Rotation?

The Rotation refers to what I call the limited list of films, TV programmes, and podcasts that have become the default, or safe choice, when deciding what to watch or listen to over the last decade or so. They’re the things that you choose to watch and listen to over and over again despite having a long list of recommendations for things to watch and listen to from friends, family members, and people on the internet.

You know the way it is. You’re in on a Saturday evening by yourself and you think that it would be nice to watch a film. Perhaps something old, something you’ve not seen before, something that you missed in the cinema, or something that you read about in the paper/magazine last week. So you open Netflix, Amazon Prime, or whatever film streaming service you use and, if you’re anything like me, you spend the next 20-30 minutes scrolling through every film that they have over and over again, agonising over each film, weighing up the pros and cons (usually this involves looking up reviews, cast lists, and will also involve a period of getting distracted by whatever tangent you find on the internet), before deciding that you’re just going to watch that film you’ve already seen a dozen times once again.

I’m aware that I’m not the only one who has this problem, and in some cases it’s not even considered a problem at all. These things become a comfort, something familiar that makes us feel good and, in some cases, become a thing that we look forward to.

Just like Kumail Nanjiani – it’s worth clicking on this tweet above to see how much he loves these films – I don’t want to change the things that have become a part of ‘The Rotation’ in my life…they’re probably going to be something that I’ll dip in and out of for the rest of my days. However, there comes a time when you have to think that there’s got to be things that you’re missing out on, things that would easily fit into The Rotation if I was willing to consider some new entries.


So…what’s the purpose of The Rotation?

At first glance this is all going to look a lot like someone’s personal blog about the things they watch and listen too….and you’d be right. However, I’m hoping that I can use this forum to genuinely engage with people about the things that interest me and hopefully gain a few new suggestions for shows that I may have missed across all of these things.

It’s important to realise that this is a work in progress, and I’m going to see what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately, I’m going to see if there are like-minded people out there interested in the sorts of shows I like to invest so much time with.

I’m also eager to use this approach to develop my writing skills, and develop a voice in an area I have a genuine interest in. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and I’m always eager to hear from people who also disagree with me. Constructive criticism in this instance should involve more than dropping the odd expletive-filled post, but this is the internet and I’m sure this comes with the territory.


How can I get in contact with you?

If you’re interested in talking about any of the films, television programmes, and podcasts I enjoy, or feel that you would like to suggest something that you think I should enjoy, then get in touch via the links contact details below:

Email – therotationlist@gmail.com